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Tidbits ~ The Wild Women post

Dangerous! - Don't Mess with the (Women of the) U.S.!
New York, August 28, 1941 ......... Feminine residents of New York learn how to handle firearms - for the national defense - under sponsorship of the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Memorial Post of the American Legion. At tonight's lesson at the 77th Division headquarters, Regina Tunney (left), and Florence Grab, riddle that ol' bull's eye as teacher, John Sugrue, of the Post's rifle team, looks on.

P, I think you should start this up in New York again and become a defender of the free world!

Fearless! - First Female Aviatrix and her Fabulous Flying Machine!

March 3, 1934 ......... As if flying wasn't hazardous enough in the old front seat pusher planes, Ruth Law used to make it even more dangerous, just for fun. Here she is racing Gaston Chevrolet around a Montreal race track, the wheels just over Chevrolet's head.

Okay, to be fair, I only found out about Ruth Law because someone was researching her. But what a story! She first started flying in the early 1910s and had her own flying circus where she would do everything from loop-de-loops to getting out of the "cockpit" and walking on the wings. Later in her life she lived in San Francisco where she gave an interview reflecting on how it all started. Apparently a male friend of hers had convinced her to take a ride in a plane and once they were up in the air, he offered her the controls. At first she said no, but changed her mind, telling the interviewer, "I didn't want him to think I was afraid!" Apparently it wasn't scary at all because she just kept doing it. She bought her first plane from the one and only Orville Wright.

Gruesome! - Like Greek Mythology!

Los Angeles, September 11, 1933 ......... "Well, I'm glad I won't have to worry about him any more." This was the statement of Mrs. Rosa Ciani, charged by police with having poured gallons of boiling lard over her husband's face and then hacked him to death with an ax, while he lay asleep in bed. In another room of the house, Mrs. Ciani's four children were asleep when tragedy struck their home.

Right out of the House of Atreus if you ask me. And, you know, if she's got that much boiling lard lying around, well, it's probably not for making doughnuts.

Don't forget folks, you too can find these lovely tidbits! Just come on up to the Sixth Floor of the Main San Francisco Public Library or go on down to your local city's archives, they'll be happy to see you!

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