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The "L"-iad

"L" Weddle
18 April
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"Fun" is my middle name! (Not really.)

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80's music, agent carter, agricultural fairs, aloha shirts, alphaville, amazons, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient rome, apple, apple turnovers, azumanga daioh, baseball, batwoman, bernard cornwell, birds of prey, black and tan sundaes, black canary, bleak house, bon vivants, books, bow ties, brie, butch-femme, california state fair, cardigans, careless whispers, carmilla, cats, cheese, chicks who kick ass, chocolate chip cookies, classic rock, classics, cocktails, coffee, cravats, dc comics, double windsors, draco and the malfoys, dykes, femme visibility, femmes, femslash, fenton's, firefly, friends, gail simone, geocaching, gillian anderson, gin, godless heathens, greg rucka, harry and the potters, harry potter, helen mirren, historical fiction, history, huntress, ice cream, iliad, judi dench, lavender menace, lesbian avengers, lesbians, librarians, libraries, library pages, linen suits, literature, lovejoy's, lucan, macs, manners, martin denny, martinis, masterpiece theatre, mitchell's, movie theatres, movies, museums, music, my cat, my girlfriend, mystery!, mythology, netflix, odyssey, old books, opera, oracle, orphan black, otium cum dignitate, packing, phryne fisher, pie, poetry, pomade, pottercast, pro-choice, reading, renee montoya, richard sharpe, riding my bike, road trips, rock band, rum drinks, san francisco, san francisco public library, sarah waters, science fiction, sf giants, sfpl, single malt scotch, social justice, sociolinguistics, spice girls, sue from pottercast, sweater vests, tea, the ancient world, the homosexual agenda, the l word, the smiths, the supreme court, tiki, tipping the velvet, trade unions, vegetarian cooking, vegetarianism, well-dressed hedonism, wonder woman, xena, élan,