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February 18th, 2015

Scenes from my first Wherigo

Wherigo is like Geocaching... but a little more intense. There are more things you have to do, more ground to cover, and it definitely takes a bit more time to find the cache. This one took me 1 hour and 45 minutes. I did go on a rather long tangent because I didn't know what I was doing. Ha! It's all good. I got a lot of exercise in and successfully found the cache. So it all worked out.

This is a rather new Wherigo, placed in the park in December. It's part of a series of Wherigos that reference Alice in Wonderland. In fact, this one was called "Wonderland" (GC5HX45). There is an even newer one that takes you around the Haight called "Curiouser and Curiouser" which I'm looking forward to doing soon.
IMG_1267_2    IMG_1268_2
"Wonderland" begins at the Golden Gate Park fairy door.
(This photo was actually taken a couple of days ago. The Makers Mark bottle was gone when I looked in today.)

Apparently squirrels really like dried apricots!
IMG_1274    IMG_1275
Kids surrounding the original fairy door that was taken down by Rec & Park, but then had to be rebuilt after the public called them out for it. Rec & Park had destroyed the original fancy fairy door so they put up their own - rather shoddy - version. Still, these kids were enjoying it. One little girl was so obsessed, she didn't want any more of her little classmates to find it. "Why, why did I have to see this!" she wailed as she realized, 1.) her classmates were indeed about to discover it, and 2.) she would eventually have to leave and allow more people to see it as well.

The second picture there is a shot of some steps near the big playground near Sharon Art Studio, which is probably where the tiles in the steps were made.
IMG_1276    IMG_1277
The cache! And look! I found the white rabbit!
The "Wonderland" route is after the cut...Collapse )


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